Am I still South African?

The Swedish African

We simply couldn’t wait to hear the news: I can now live and work in France without the hassle of a tick-tocking, 90-day visa. Of course what this also means is that now is the start of my long journey to become part-European.

But more than anything, I have really started to question where my home is now. No longer is it leaving South Africa “for a short time” or “only for a few months” — like it used to be. No longer is it “to travel” or “to find my thing” as someone once put it.

I’m now going for a long time, for work and for love. And don’t let anyone tell you any different: it’s a daunting thought.

You think about the years of friendship you’ve built up and nurtured from school to university; the stories you share with people who know you inside-out. You think about…

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